Love in the Moonlight 云画的月光 (Dual Sound)

Love in the Moonlight 云画的月光 (Dual Sound) - EP12

47 Mins
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel U Published: 11 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

The Emperor decides to arrange a marriage for Li Ying in order to stabilise the political situation after much deliberation. He secretly summons Minister Zhao Wanheng to the palace and wants Zhao Xiayan to marry the crown prince. Zheng Dehao tops the imperial exams and gets summoned by Li Ying. In the palace, he runs into Lewen who wrote the lover letter on his behalf. Both pretend not to know each other as they do not want to expose the identity of Zheng Dehao.皇上为了收复涣散的民心,稳定政局,再三思索,决定为李旲举行国婚。他密诏礼判赵万衡进宫,想让赵霞妍做世子嫔。郑德浩公子因科举考试中了状元被李旲召来,不料在宫里遇到了代写情书的乐温。两人都不想让郑德浩公子的身份暴露,便假装不认识。

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