Love in the Moonlight 云画的月光 (Dual Sound)

Love in the Moonlight 云画的月光 (Dual Sound) - EP9

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Lewen runs into eunuch Zheng who is leaving the palace. She gives him her blessing while Zheng reminds her to pay attention to people around her as he has long observed that the crown prince and Jin Yinsheng have both taken a liking to Lewen. Li Ying gets appointed to chair a session of court assembly. However, when he arrives at the court, all the ministers are absent on false sick leave.乐温碰到背着行李正准备离开的张内官时,祝福他。张内官提醒乐温要她留意身边人,因他早已看出世子和金胤圣都钟意乐温,但却未明说。李旲受命代理听政,来到朝庭却发现大臣均假装有病,无人上朝。

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