Love in Trouble 奇怪的搭档 (Dual Sound)

Love in Trouble 奇怪的搭档 (Dual Sound) - EP23

47 Mins
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel U Published: 06 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Xianxiu manages to escape from the hospital after injuring Youjing and the police officer guarding his ward. Zhixu worries that Xianxiu will harm Fengxi, so he suggests that she move in to his house. Fengxi rejects his suggestion. Xianxiu can't do much except ask Fengxi to be careful. 贤秀趁看守着他在病房门口的刑警不备,打伤了他们和前来逮捕他的宥静,成功地逃出了医院。由于担心逃脱的贤秀会对奉熙不利,智旭提议奉熙搬去他的家住,但被奉熙拒绝了。智旭没有法子,只好提醒奉熙要注意安全。

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