Luyak - EP1

86 Min

By Suria Published: 13 Apr 2019 Audio: Malay

Hidayah is nicknamed "Luyak" by the villagers due to her mild autism. Since her father's death, her mother Zaleha beats and abuses her over little mistakes. Zaleha's hatred for Hidayah is because she believes Hidayah to be the cause of her father's death. Hidayah lives in isolation and misery until the arrival of Cikgu Murni to the village which gives her hope for a change. Cikgu Murni tries to help Hidayah as she understands Hidayah better from her experience with her brother who also has mild autism. Her efforts seem to go nowhere as Zaleha adamantly refuses to acknowledge Hidayah and her condition. Cikgu Murni's help seems to further Zaleha's hatred for Hidayah. Will Hidayah continue to suffer or will the tables finally turn for the better ?

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