Magic Chef 料理人生

Magic Chef 料理人生 - EP1

27 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 22 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Celebrity chef David Foo lost his sense of smell and taste in an accident. Dejected and withdrawn, he becomes a private chef, with best friend Tao Bao as his assistant. David is hired by a young businessman, Kenneth, who has planned an exquisite proposal onboard a yacht for his girlfriend, Crystal. 明星主厨符大为因为一场意外, 失去了味觉与嗅觉。在挚友陶宝的协助下,断然离开餐厅当上私厨。 商场新贵Kenneth准备向Crystal求婚,邀请大为上游艇煮晚餐。陶宝容易晕船,所以硬邀自称“金舌头”的好友,晓溪,一起上游艇帮忙。

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