Magic Chef 料理人生

Magic Chef 料理人生 - EP3

26 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 29 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Upon tasting David’s fried rice, Xiao Xi is determined to become his culinary disciple, but David turns her down outright. The duo meets Bing Qiang, who has just reunited with his son. Despite having limited means, Bing Qiang hires David to cook a feast for his autistic son, Xiaozhi. Xiaozhi is an extremely picky eater who eats nothing but crackers. 晓溪吃了大为做的蛋炒饭后, 欲拜大为为师却不成。 两人遇见了刚刚认回儿子的爸爸炳强。 尽管经济条件不好,炳强还是请大为为患有自闭症的儿子小志煮一顿饭。小志异常挑食,除了苏打饼,什么都不吃。

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