Magic Chef 料理人生

Magic Chef 料理人生 - EP7

25 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Over at the soybean shop, Tao Bao warmly welcomes a new customer, Amy, who is pregnant. Amy seems shy around Tao Bao, but keeps appearing at the shop every few days and always buys generous portions. Orphanage director, Xiu Qin, notified David that a pregnant lady has been asking for information about Tao Bao. David confronts Tao Bao if he has gotten the lady pregnant. 孕女Amy到豆花店买豆花,陶宝热情招待 。Amy 见陶宝,有些腼腆。自此以后,Amy每隔几天都到豆花店光顾。 孤儿院院长妈妈打电话给大为,说最近有一个孕女到孤儿院打听陶宝的消息。大为质问陶宝是不是搞大人家的肚子?

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