Magic Chef 料理人生

Magic Chef 料理人生 - EP9

26 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

A young lady named Xuan Yi has come with a request for a birthday feast to mark her 17th birthday. David accepts and to help Xuan Yi finalise her menu, he spends time creating multiple tasting menus over the next few days. However, whether refined French cuisine or foods currently most popular with the young, Xuan Yi rejects every single offering. 小女生宣仪找上门来,希望大为可以帮她做一场美食宴,庆祝她17岁的生日。 大为接受了宣仪的要求,每日做出精美的料理。但是,无论是法式料理,或是时下年轻人最爱吃的,宣仪都一一挑剔,说不适合。

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