Man Who Sets The Table 做飯的男人 (Dual Sound)

Man Who Sets The Table 做飯的男人 (Dual Sound) - EP8

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 May 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

A little girl is left outside Shaoyuan's clinic. Shaoyuan treats the girl and allows her to stay in the clinic for a few days. Shaoyuan's nurse finds out more about the girl via the social media. Shaoyuan is taken aback when he hears that Xiumei is the girl's mother. 有人把一名脏兮兮的小女孩寄放在绍源的诊所外。绍源为她看诊,并收留她几天。随后,护士找到女孩的前幼稚园老师,发现女孩的名字是吴汉洁,而母亲是郑秀美。绍源一听说秀美是女孩的母亲就惊讶不已。

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