Man Who Sets The Table 做飯的男人 (Dual Sound)

Man Who Sets The Table 做飯的男人 (Dual Sound) - EP9

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 14 May 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

On the day of the final competition, all groups are told to collect their ingredients from a freezer. Taiyang wants Luli to thaw some ingredients at the cooking station while he stays behind in the freezer to look for more ingredients. Unexpectedly however, Taiyang is locked up in the freezer. 菜单研发比赛的最终选拔当天,参赛者都到冷冻库领取材料。太阳要露莉先到主会场为材料解冻,自己则单独留在冷冻库看看别的食材。岂料,太阳竟然被人故意锁在冷冻库里。

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