Marriage Contract 結婚契約 (Dual Sound)

Marriage Contract 結婚契約 (Dual Sound) - EP10

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 12 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Han Chengguo decides to help Nayun patch up with Zhixun after he found out Nayun still has feelings for Zhixun. Chengguo wants Huixiu to leave Zhixun and offers her money. Zhixun starts to worry after Huixiu did not return home. 韩成国得知娜允对治勋还有感情,决定撮合他们。成国提出会给慧秀钱,要她离开治勋。慧秀迟迟没回家,让治勋十分担心。

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