Marriage Contract 結婚契約 (Dual Sound)

Marriage Contract 結婚契約 (Dual Sound) - EP3

44 Mins

By Channel U Published: 03 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Han Zhixun is shocked to find out that Han Zhengxun's girlfriend is his ex, Na Yun. Zhixun changes his mind and wants to enter into a false marriage with Huixiu. Huixiu is diagnosed with a brain tumor and decides to accept Zhixun's offer to accumulate more money for Exing's future.韩治勋惊见哥哥韩政勋的女友,竟然是自己的前女友娜允。治勋改变心意,要与姜慧秀假结婚。慧秀被诊断脑有肿瘤,为筹钱给恩星日后的生活费,只好答应治勋的要求。

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