Meat and Greed S2 无肉不欢 2

Meat and Greed S2 无肉不欢 2 - EP6

Southeast Asian
23 Min

By Channel U Published: 04 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Meat & Greed takes a food safari around Southeast Asia ! We savour the classics like a steaming bowl of Vietnamese Pho, whole roasted Filipino style Lechon, and explore new favourites like piping hot Thai barbecue steamboat and fragrant Burmese chicken stew. Restaurants featured: Sedap Thai, Mrs Pho House, 4waddy and Iskina Cebu. Celebrity Guests: Imam Shah, Jae Liew, Kelly Latimer & Nick Teo.

Meat and Greed S2 无肉不欢 2
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