Meet The MP

Meet The MP - EP11

The MP and The Lookalike
23 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 05 Jul 2017 Audio: English

Danial has been caught in the act by the paparazzi in the arms of a woman, who is not his wife… except it is not Danial. If what Danial claims is true, then there is an imposter on the loose! Unable to prove his own innocence, Danial and team must track down this lookalike in time before he causes more PR damage. But for Danial this is more than just a public relations problem, it is also a personal relations problem — there is the wife to answer to at home. Is this just a harmless prank or an honest mistake? Does it involve organized crime and maybe even a bit of blackmail? Either way, it is more than meets the eye. Resolution: Danial not only get his name clean, he also helps the celebrity comes clean from all these untruth claims

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