Meet The MP

Meet The MP - EP12

The MP and The Manis Tree Part 1
22 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 12 Jul 2017 Audio: English

As part of his promise to the community, Danial lays foundations to a chosen site to build a sports hub and a tree was uprooted in the process. This tree happens to be the Manis Tree where the neighbourhood got its name Tanjong Bukit Manis. When the community finds out about this, a sudden outpour of unhappiness springs up and the constituents are up in arms! Danial realizes that his grave oversight has made a mess of the situation. Even his closest aides are at a lost and his allies are rallying against him. Under attack from all sides, Danial is starting to doubt his own competence as an MP and wondering if he is the right man for the job.

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