Meh Sandar Pada Aku

Meh Sandar Pada Aku - EP17

42 Mins

By Suria Published: 31 Oct 2017 Audio: Malay

Nadzhan visited Irham’s holding to inform them that he is not going to helm the company but only as a shareholders . He gives the CEO post to Aleesya’s father to run his late father company . After the event , Aleesya’s father try to talk with Nadzhan about Aleesya behavior but he is not interested to discuss . Nadzhan is shocked to see Aleesya inside the house with knife in his bedroom . He chased her out but later she drives and try to run over Tasneem . Nadzhan is worried about Tasneem safety as he will be away soon . Meanwhile , Adam had an argument with his fiancée after she read his message to Tasneem .

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