Mek Minyak

Mek Minyak - EP1

88 Min

By Suria Published: 23 Feb 2019 Audio: Malay

The story of a young man who has to pay a high dowry within a month as a condition for marriage. Mail has been given a month to deliver a RM15,000 dowry to Pak Mus to marry his daughter Imah. Mail without hesitation agrees to accept the terms but causes his mother Mak Munah to anxiety as he expects her to provide the money. Both are at a lost on how to raise the money in such a short amount of time. Mail then comes up with the idea with Sunti to become a female version of oily man called 'Mek Minyak' to frighten the villagers. The Villagers became disgusted as many men had become victims of 'Oil'. Pak Mus as Chairman of the JKK orders that action must be taken to arrest the oily woman.

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