Mind Game 心迷

Mind Game 心迷 - EP30

45 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力;

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jun 2015 Audio: Chinese

Yongyan locks Anni up and tells her that Wenjie killed Xuezhi when he attempted to kill Lida. Anni is utterly disappointed when Yongyan vows to let all her loved ones die one after another. Uncle Chen takes Wenjie to see Xuezhi one last time. Yongyan turns up and discovers it is a trap schemed by Wenjie. Xuezhi has merely feigned death. During the tussle, she is injured, but the police manage to capture Yongyan. Yongyan refuses to reveal where Anni is. Wenjie learns about Yongyan’s real parentage and decides to use Lida to make Yongyan reveal Anni’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Lida dies before there is any conclusion. Junrong tries in vain to make Yongyan repent. Yongyan remembers that Wenjie said Anni is pregnant with his child. He feigns suicide and manages to escape. Anni refuses to forgive Yongyan. A fire breaks out when Wenjie turns up and gets into a fight with Yongyan. Reminded of the past Yongyan finally realises he is Lida’s son. He is filled with guilt and has no desire to escape from the fire. Xuezhi is moved when Wenjie proposes to her. They spend one last day together before she dies in his arms. Yongyan is sent to prison. When Anni visits him, he urges her to take good care of the baby and herself. Three years pass. Wenjie is still unable to forget Xuezhi and even feels she is always by his side. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days.

Mind Game 心迷
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