Mind Matters 心。情

Mind Matters 心。情 - EP3

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Through her helper, Hai Ning gets Jin Shu to go to her house to repair the toilet bowl. As she observes him, she is even more convinced that he is Dr Toh, but Jin Shu keeps on denying it. In order to sound him out, Hai Ning purposely scalds her hand in front of Jin Shu. However, he makes use of the traditional method of applying toothpaste on her wound. Evidently, he does not possess any medical knowledge, but Hai Ning remains suspicious of him.海宁透过钟点女佣,叫了瑾澍来家里维修马桶,从旁观察,更加确定他是Dr Toh,但瑾澍一再否认。海宁故意在瑾澍面前烫伤手,企图再试探,瑾澍却只采用土方帮她擦牙膏,显然没有医学知识,但海宁始终心存怀疑。

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