Mind Matters 心。情

Mind Matters 心。情 - EP4

45 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zhi Xing quarrels with Xiu Xiu and runs away from home to hide at Rui Ming's house. Rui Ming is a computer engineer and is without a doubt, a homebody. He is unable to visit crowded places. Si Ya is an undergraduate who lives in Liang Sheng's house. As her clothes fell to Rui Ming's flat, which is below hers, she goes to his house to retrieve it. Rui Ming falls for her at first sight.智星与秀秀起冲突,离家出走,躲到锐铭家里。锐铭是名电脑工程师,是个不择不扣的宅男,喜欢窝在家里,无法去人多的地方。寄住在亮声家的大学生偲雅因衣服掉到锐铭家,前来索回衣服,锐铭对她一见倾心。

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