Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718)

Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718) - EP15

Wed 12 Jul 2017
22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

The central business district (CBD) may be prime location for office properties but not necessary for retail space . Data provided by property consultancy firm shows that monthly rental for retail space in CBD is $8 to $13 per square foot while the average retail rental in regional centres and neighbourhood malls is $33 . 40 psf . The lower rental in CBD may be due to the fact that these shops only enjoy brisk business on weekdays . So how do these shop owners keep their cash registers ringing on weekends too ? China is Singapore property developer CapitaLand's largest market , with 44% of its assets in this market . The group owns and manages shopping malls , office blocks , residential projects and service apartments in many tier 1 and tier 2 Chinese cities . The rapid rise of online shopping has changed the retail landscape of China , how does CapitaLand now manage its malls to stay relevant to Chinese shoppers ? 零售商忙与闲 都得挣钱 中央商业区属于办公楼黄金地带,但是那一带的店面租金却不是最贵的。房地产咨询公司提供的数据显示,珊顿道和丹戎巴葛商店的每月尺租介于8至13元。但是,在区域中心和郊区,每月尺租达到33 . 40元,两者差别高达3倍。虽然租金较低,但是,中央商业区的客源只有周一至周五,商家怎样在周末吸引顾客上门?另外,有一些营业地点只有周末才有顾客上门,这些商家在平日又靠什么维持生意? 凯德集团中国发展策略 中国是房地产发展商凯德集团最大的市场,占集团总资产额的44%,在中国一、二线城市拥有和管理商场、办公楼、住宅、服务公寓等的项目。面对电商在中国零售业铺天盖地的抢占市场,凯德怎样调整商场经营策略来巩固它在中国的市场地位?

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