Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718)

Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718) - EP27

Wed 11 Oct 2017

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

More Opting for Customized Travel Services Today, an overseas holiday can be easily arranged with a few clicks online. Yet, there is an emerging trend that travelers are turning to customized tour packages. And travel agencies that offer such service are not only the niche travel planners, but also the traditional ones. How do travel agencies, big and small, garner a slice of this growing market ? And with the year - end holiday season round the corner, which are the popular holiday destinations this season ? What are the economic reasons behind their popularity ? Numbers Talk Ep1: Getting Ready for Retirement With the use of 3D animations, the new season of Numbers Talk, which is into its third installment, will explain personal financial planning concepts. In the first episode, we discuss how to prepare retirement fund, like estimating how much retirement fund one need, and how to attain this target. 更多人选择私人定制旅游服务 到网上能够自行订机票、酒店等等旅游服务的今天,却有人反而找旅行社量身定做旅游行程,而且需求有增加的趋势,这是为什么?提供这类服务的不只是个性化的旅游服务公司,传统旅行社也开拓这个市场;两者如何争取市场? 另外,年底旅游旺季即将到来,今年的热门海外度假去处是哪里?消费者选择地点的背后经济因素是什么? 《数字能说话》第一集:为退休做好准备 《数字能说话》第三系列以个人财务规划为主题,并以生动的3D动画解说。第一集将讨论如何规划好退休生活。 退休后就没有了收入,因此需要在之前准备好退休金来应付退休后的生活。这笔生活费如何估算?不同年龄层的人需要从月薪中拨出多少钱来储蓄和投资来准备退休金?

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