Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718)

Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718) - EP35

Wed 6 Dec 2017

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

From Online to Brick and Mortar Stores In recent years, several fashion brands which started their business online, ventured into shopping malls to also have physical presence. With online shopping gaining popularity, and retailers rushing to have online presence, why have these online brands taken a different route ? Evening Gowns Rental Service An evening gown easily costs at least a few hundred dollars, hence renting it may be more economical, especially if it is needed for only one occasion. There are a handful of evening gowns rental service in Singapore. How receptive are consumers to renting clothes ? Numbers Talk: Buying Life Insurance Insurance coverage, which provides payout after a mishap, is often seen as an important component of financial planning. However, there are many types of life insurance policies in the market. How does one decide which policy to buy and how much is the 网店开实体店 过去几年,不少网店在商场里开设实体店,最近更有一家著名的网络女装服饰品牌落户乌节路的商场。在网购盛行的今天,它们为什么反其道开实体店? 晚装出租服务 女性晚装价钱不便宜,而且穿的机会不多,为了出席一场宴会而买下来可能不划算。市面上因此出现晚装出租服务。消费者对租衣服来穿的接受度有多高? 数字能说话:选择人寿保险 理财规划少不了保险这一块,因为不幸的事情随时可能发生,严重影响生活。不过,人寿保险的种类多,应该买哪一种?投保额应该是多少?

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