Move On 放下

Move On 放下 - EP1

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 09 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Getai veteran Wang Lei got sucked into betting and gambling at a very young age when the then environment made him believe that he had a pair of lucky hands that could earn him living. His gambling habit got serious after he began his career in Getai and was heavily in debt, which in turn caused him a lot of stress and unhappiness. It was only after his mother's death that he made the resolution to quit gambling, though the recovery process was tearful and painful. 歌台一哥王雷从小因为家庭和成长环境的关系就沾赌,后来还因为赚了钱,变成豪赌的赌徒。他的大半辈子,为了"赌"而不顾一切,也曾为了"赌"而失去一切。一个无药可救的赌徒,到底是在什么情况下,愿意"放下"他多年的恶习惯,浪子回头?

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