Move On 放下

Move On 放下 - EP2

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 16 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Tony was brought up in a family where his father was a gangster and his mother was a gambler. He started drinking with his father's peers at 4, got into fights with his schoolmates at 7 and started taking drugs in his teen years. He had been jailed twice and married thrice. At the age of 40, he was touched by the power of religion and decided to make a change in his life, and he started to have a yearning towards starting afresh. The bond between Tony & his father is special. To Tony, his father is more than just a parent; he is also a friend and a fellow gang member. Tony今年43岁,目前的职业是救护车司机,共有3段婚姻。他自小在复杂环境中长大,爸爸混黑社会、妈妈爱钱如命,他深受双亲影响,求胜心强及很爱钱。他中学时期开始收保护费,然后又吸大麻和冰毒,渐渐也开始贩毒, 为了赚更多钱,他的生活从此离不开毒品,赌博,女人和非法勾当,20几岁就因吸毒而被捉,而且连第一段婚姻也赔上,但他还不知悔改,出狱后继续贩毒赚钱,后来又再进出牢房,家人屡劝不听,最后才因为有了信仰而"放下"一切,踏踏实实地工作和生活,帮助还在毒海的人悔改,以及回馈社会,担任志工帮助独居老人。

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