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Move On 放下 - EP5

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 06 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Tong Ming Ming is the first local to have donated his liver to an unrelated patient. When he was young, his family was consistently harassed by loan sharks as his father was a recalcitrant gambler. Not only did his father neglect the family, he also physically abused his mother and his siblings. Ming Ming hated his father so much that he thought of becoming a policeman and handcuff his father personally. He even persuaded his mother to divorce his father. But when his father collapsed on the street, Ming Ming felt sorry for him and brought him to the hospital. After his father apologized to him, he cast aside all the hateful feelings towards him and forgave him. His mother strongly disagreed when he took the homeless father back to their house. Ming Ming's greatest wish now is that his mother and siblings can let bygones be bygones and forgive his father. 钟明铭是本地首位捐肝给陌生人的捐献者,在他年少时,因父亲滥赌,全家一直受大耳窿追债和骚扰,父亲不但不顾家,还因赌输钱而家暴,因此他非常痛恨父亲,想当警察,亲自逮捕作恶多端的父亲。他甚至还劝母亲跟父亲离婚,可是后来当父亲在街头病倒时,他又心软地送他进医院,最终还因父亲的道歉,他终于放下过去的怨恨,原谅了父亲。当他把无家可归的父亲接回家住时,母亲却反对,因她还无法原谅父亲,明铭最大的心愿,就是一家人能化解恩怨…

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