Move On 放下

Move On 放下 - EP6

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jiang Zhi Feng, Johnny is the eldest child in his family of 4 siblings. His father died early and his mother became the breadwinner for the household. He had little interest in school. After serving the army, he started to sing at bars in Singapore and in Holland. Due to the nature of his job, he had to drink excessively and wounded up with an alcohol addiction. Despite his mother’s countless attempts at stopping him, he continued with this lifestyle as a way to earn a living. It was only when his mother was diagnosed with cancer that he decided to forgo his lifestyle for monastic living in Thailand. Five years later, he resumed secular life and is back on stage as a singer. However, his life goals have taken a turn and now he is active in finding ways to help impoverished children in Thailand. 在家排行老大的姜志峰,有2 弟2 妹,父早逝,全靠母工作养家,他自小就无心向学,服完兵役后,开始在歌厅酒廊当歌星,从本地唱到荷兰,见惯江湖的险恶,也曾沾染大麻,为讨客人欢心,在酒廊唱歌时每晚都陪客喝酒,结果中了“酒毒“一不喝酒,就手抖个不停,母亲多次流泪劝阻亦不听,为了生计,他继续过着糜烂的生活,直到母患癌,为了替母祈福,及改变自己,才决定“放下”一切,到泰国的深山出家修行,但7年之后,他还俗了, 而且还重出歌坛唱歌台,但他的人生目标已改变,现在他只希望能赚多点钱来帮助在山区的贫困孩童…

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