Move On 放下

Move On 放下 - EP7

44 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Dr Khoo Sork Hoon is a family doctor . Always hale and hearty , she discovered she had breast cancer 7 years ago when she was 52 years old . How could she adjust her state of mind and emotions now that the tables had been turned on her ? How could she take care of her three children and patients at her clinic while she was undergoing treatment ? Having gone through different stages of her treatment , and now as a cancer survivor , Sork Hoon has learnt to manage her streak of perfectionism . She now prefers to spend quality time with her family and do more volunteering work . She also hopes to encourage others going through similar trials to battle whatever diseases and inner demons with positivity . 邱雪芬是位家庭医生,一向无病痛的她,7年前当她52岁时,却被诊断患上乳癌,从医生变成癌症病患,她的心情要如何调适呢?她要如何照顾她的3个孩子和诊所的病人呢?曾经走过死亡边缘,身为癌症生存者的她,经过一场大病后,对人生看法也已有所改变,她已“放下”之前那种凡事都追求完美的生活态度,对朋友也无须再有求必应,把自己给累坏,她要让自己活得更自在,把更多时间留给家人,同时加入义工行列,以本身的经历来鼓励其他患者,要勇敢并乐观地对抗病魔…

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