Mr Kiasu S2

Mr Kiasu S2 - EP22

What's In A Name / Don't Waste Water
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 21 Jun 2016 Audio: English

Story 1 : What's in a name? Sabo Trading Pte Ltd has a problem - its image. So Sabo pesters his employees to come up with a great company slogan. Everyone's less than thrilled at the prospect of more work. But Sabo knows just how to inspire them - a raise for the winner of the best slogan. Story 2 : Don't waste water. Kiasu decides that the water bill is too high and takes desperate measures to save water. He, Kiasee and Mother try everything - from collecting rainwater to doing their dishes at the office. Unfortunately their plans backfire when the water system and mains decide that it is just too much!

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