My Agent Is A Hero S2 流氓经纪2

My Agent Is A Hero S2 流氓经纪2 - EP2

22 Min
Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言;

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Jean and Max revealed that Suzy’s mother, Tiger, was well-known to be ferocious, and that she especially hated men. Bert brought Ah Hua out to find customers and they came to know Uncle Robert, Uncle Lester and some of the Neighbours in the area. Uncle Lester gave Ah Hua perverted looks and even invited her to his house to discuss about selling his house, and little did she expect that Uncle Lester would start touching her. Jean和Max说起了Suzy妈妈的可怕。她的名字叫Tiger,出了名的凶神恶煞,而且最讨厌男人。Bert信心满满,说自己可以让伯母接受自己的,但Jean和Max都觉得是不可能的。Bert带着阿花去HDB挨家挨户敲门,询问是否有人要卖房子,认识了Robert。Robert介绍Bert和阿花去他的KTV歌唱会,认识了其他的邻居和Uncle Lester。Uncle Lester 对阿花色眯眯的,后来邀请阿花到他家,谈卖房子的事情。怎料Lester对阿花毛手毛脚 。

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