My Agent Is A Hero S2 流氓经纪2

My Agent Is A Hero S2 流氓经纪2 - EP4

22 Min
Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言;

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Bert found Ah Hua and Ah Gui betting at the gambling den and was exasperated. Ah Gui felt guilty for gambling again and even stealing his wife’s money to gamble. On the other hand, Tiger finally arrives in Singapore and expected to meet Bert, but Bert got caught up in a last-minute issue. Bert在赌档发现阿花和阿鬼竟然都在赌钱,气急败坏。二人输了很多钱,后来Bert和赌档老板赌,借此拖延时间,等待佳叔报警来捉人。警察捉人之后,Bert怒骂阿鬼,之前不是戒赌了?阿鬼哭着说自己又赌钱了,还偷了老婆的钱。 另一方面,Tiger终于来到新加坡了,要和Bert见面。Bert本来打扮好好要去见面的,没想到临时碰到问题。

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