My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound)

My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound) - EP61

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 07 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

The director wants Zhongxi and Meiying to shoot a romantic scene together so as to repay his kindness for casting him in the drama. Zhongxi is displeased with the director for repeatedly captialising on his personal affairs and gives the director a punch. 导演要仲熙跟美英拍一场爱情戏为戏剧造势。仲熙拒绝,导演不满,在演员和工作人员面前要仲熙报答他。仲熙对于导演一直用他的私事搏宣传很不满,两人于是吵起来。仲熙忍无可忍,挥拳打导演。

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