My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound)

My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound) - EP69

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yinshuo is sentenced to 2 years of suspended sentence for forging of identity and other related crimes. Yinshuo does not understand why he is let off lightly this time when he was put behind bars years ago even though he did not kill anyone. He thus wants the judge to give him a heavier punishment. 尹硕盗用身份等相关罪行的案件开审。法官判他入狱半年,缓刑两年。家人们松了一口气,尹硕却要法官给他严惩。尹硕说他当年明明没有杀人,却被判入狱三年。如今承认犯罪,反被轻判,令他觉得非常不解。

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