My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound)

My Father Is Strange 爸爸好奇怪 (Dual Sound) - EP71

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 14 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Just as Luoying is feeling upset over her lack of skills, Zhexiu encourages her to try television advertising. Luoying’s exceptional marketing skill enables the company’s products to fly off the shelves. Hongyi is impressed with Luoying. 罗英觉得自己没有专长,很自卑。永熙急需一名电视购物台销售员,哲修鼓励罗英尝试。罗英发挥精湛的口才,令公司的健康食品的销售量一飞冲天。宏益对罗英另眼相看。

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