My Friends from Afar 知星人 (TIF)

My Friends from Afar 知星人 (TIF) - EP9

45 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

Dave is tall , rich and good - looking . He falls in love with Feng Jiao at first sight . He gives her a branded watch but lies that it is just a normal watch . Unaware that it is branded , Feng Jiao puts it on happily . Dave sends her home and kisses her hand before leaving . Tian Sheng sees this and is jealous . He then notices Feng Jiao wearing the branded watch and speaks to her sarcastically . 高富帅Dave对凤娇一见钟情,展开追求,送名牌表给她,却谎称那是一只普通的手表。凤娇不知是名牌,高兴地戴上。Dave送凤娇回家,临别前还亲吻她的额头。天生看见,大吃干醋,又见凤娇手上戴着名表,忍不住出言讥讽。

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