My Friends from Afar 知星人

My Friends from Afar 知星人 - EP2

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

Muthu the cleaner is robbed of his jewelry and gets injured in the process . Zhi Qiang works in the supermarket and he sees the manager handing Muthu's jewelry over to the loan shark "Sha Yu Ge" . Zhi Qiang exposes him . Muthu is troubled as he is temporarily unable to work due to his injuries but his family back in his hometown is in need of money . Tian Sheng's older sister , Tian Ning , and Zhi Qiang decide to help him to raise money . 清洁工人Muthu被人抢走首饰,还受了伤。在超市工作的志强见到管工将Muthu的首饰交给大耳窿鲨鱼哥,揭穿是他所为。Muthu因为受伤而暂时无法工作,但家乡的家人却很需要钱,不知如何是好,天生的姐姐天宁与志强决定帮他筹款。

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