My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound)

My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound) - EP19

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 11 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhixu beseeches his father to let him handle the “Amazon” energy drink case and summons Chairman Zheng to court . He also takes the opportunity to ask his father to sever all ties with Chairman Zheng . Haiqing tells Dehao she will ignore her father and stand by his side this time . 志旭请求父亲让他处理“大力王"能量饮料的案件,召唤郑会长上庭,并趁机要父亲脱离与郑会长之间相连的那条肮脏的交易绳索,不再受郑会长摆布。海卿去找德浩告诉他她这次是站在他对的那方,不怕父亲的责骂。

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