My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound)

My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound) - EP20

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 11 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yingyi asks Dehao to pass him Chairman Zheng's accounts book so that he can arrest Chairman Zheng . Dehao knows Yingyi is colluding with Chairman Zheng so he refuses . Ailuo and Daxiu disguise as cleaner and patient respectively to keep an eye on Chairman Zheng in the hospital . They inform Dehao immediately when they spot Michael Zheng visiting Chairman Zheng . 瑛溢要德浩把郑会长那本人头账户账簿交给他,由他来捉郑会长,但德浩知道他与郑会长狼狈为奸,拒绝了他。爱萝乔装医院清洁工人和大修乔装病人,在医院监视郑会长。他们见到麦可郑从外国回来探病,立刻通报德浩。

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