My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound)

My Lawyer, Mr Joe 邻家律师赵德浩 (Dual Sound) - EP21

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 12 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Haiqing looks for Dehao as she is upset that the Jinshan Law Firm is going to be investigated and searched by the procuratorate . Dehao had long known Chairman Zheng's secret fund is related to the Jinshan Law Firm . Dehao meets Yingyi in the procuratorate and knowing that he has to deal with Yingyi who once groomed him , he is emotionally torn . 海卿因烦恼金山法律事务所将开始被检察厅调查与搜索的事而去找德浩。德浩早料到了郑会长的秘密资金与事务所有关连。德浩在检察厅见到瑛溢,一想到要与曾提拔他的瑛溢对峙,不禁感慨万分。

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