My Little Monkey King 我的小小美猴王

My Little Monkey King 我的小小美猴王 - EP20

21 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Little Monkey King is from Hua Guo mountain. He comes to the human world to gain more knowledge and growth. He transforms into a toy doll to avoid a fierce dog, and ends up being brought home to live with a young boy Dabao and his family. Together, they go on fun learning adventures ! 小小美猴王是一只来自花果山的小猴子,他知道要成为真正的美猴王还需要学习许许多多的本领,于是他外出学艺。小小美猴王来到了热闹的庙会,为了躲避小狗,他变成一个布娃娃跳到了一个摊位上,正巧被大宝爸爸买回家作为大宝的新年礼物。就这样小小美猴王来到了大宝的家里,与他们全家人生活在一起。

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