My Secret, Terrius 我身后的陶斯 (Dual Sound)

My Secret, Terrius 我身后的陶斯 (Dual Sound) - EP2

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 14 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Jin Ben goes to a wake to investigate the death of Wen Chengzhu, who was the head of the National Security Department. He gets discovered by the NIS deputy director Quan Yingshi. Quan Yingshi recognises Jin Ben as the ex-agent code named "Terrius" and orders his men to hunt down Jin Ben. Jin Ben quickly shakes them off.While handling her husband's funeral arrangements, Ailin receives a call from her neighbour informing her that her twins have disappeared. She is in panics.金本到灵堂去调查国家保安室室长文成洙的死因时,不慎被国家情报院次长权英实发现了踪迹。权英实认出来金本就是代号为“陶斯”的前特工后命人,即刻加以追捕。金本遭到追踪,迅速逃跑。正当爱麟在办老公的后事时,接到邻居来电告知双胞胎失踪的消息,不禁陷入了恐慌之中。

My Secret, Terrius 我身后的陶斯 (Dual Sound)
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