My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12

My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12 - EP10

22 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 12 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, Desmond Tan brings the group down to the Snowy Mountains, the highest mountain range on the continent of mainland Australia. Next, head down to Jervis Bay to catch glimpses of the wild dolphins and tasting one of Australia's best fish and chips ! Spend the rest of the trip at a small town, Kiama and Sydney to enjoy pastries and delicious seafood at the fish market ! 本集行程离开首都,带团友上山下海。前往大雪山,感受澳大利亚冬季白雪皑皑的雪山美景,再到杰维斯湾捕抓野生海豚的倩影、享受一顿澳大利亚代表美食之一的炸鱼薯条。往悉尼前进时,把沿路的蓝色海岸线尽收眼底,更别错过欣赏凯阿马小镇的古老建筑和在地美食。抵达最大城市悉尼探查美食阵营、享受糕点和鱼市场鲜美的海鲜飨 宴。

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