My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13

My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13 - EP1

22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

"My Star Guide" is back in 2018. Led by Mediacorp artiste Felicia Chin, the group will travel to Taiwan's east coast to visit the vast Pacific Ocean and beautiful lush mountains, as well as sample local specialty cuisine.《我的导游是明星》2018年重磅回归,由艺人陈凤玲打头阵,带领大家前往台湾东岸看辽阔无际的太平洋、绵延秀丽的青葱山脉、绿意盎然的花东纵谷,借这个旅程暂时离开大都市,回归大自然的怀抱!行程里当然少不了品尝当地的特色美食,所以千万别错过凤玲的好介绍。

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