My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13

My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13 - EP10

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

My Star Guide's fifth trip will be led by Romeo Tan, in discovery of Inner Mongolia. The group will be visiting Ulan Butong Grassland, to see the vast greenery and interact closely with Mongolian nomads, so as to understand their culture and lifestyle on the grassland. Participants are also in a treat to taste a wide variety of delicious food, not forgetting the Northeastern and traditional Mongolian cuisines. 《我的导游是明星》2018年的第五趟旅程由陈罗密欧带团,带领大家前往内蒙古。到北京的后花园乌兰布统,看广阔无垠的遍地绿茵、近距离接触蒙古游牧民族,了解草原上的生活文化。沿途品尝各地美味,少不了富有东北口味的食物和蒙古传统佳肴。热情的蒙古民族以篝火晚会为贵宾们洗尘,也让大家的内蒙之行留下深刻的回忆。

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