My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13

My Star Guide S13 我的导游是明星 13 - EP5

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

My Star Guide to Japan will be led by artist Yahui, the group will have the chance to understand the traditional folk songs and dances, testing their creativity and craftsmanship by making food display samples. Stroll through the quaint towns and capture the beauty of magnificent roses. Taste the culinary delicacies along the way, and sample the essence of Japanese cuisine.《我的导游是明星》这一趟的旅程将由艺人雅慧带领大家前往日本。看民间歌舞近距离接触日本传统文化、制作以假乱真的食品样本模型,考验自己的创意和手艺。漫步古朴小镇,捕抓玫瑰盛开的瑰丽。品尝所到之处的美食佳肴,品味日本料理的认真和精髓。

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