My Teacher Is A Thug : Sneak Peek 《爱不迟疑》抢先看

My Teacher Is A Thug : Sneak Peek 《爱不迟疑》抢先看 - EP1

12 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 09 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jia Tianxiong is a bachelor who leads a carefree life and does not take things seriously. He lives by the day and does not plan ahead. Although he starts work as a martial arts instructor, his main mission was to investigate the whereabouts of the school's principal, Lian Jiaxuan's brother, Lian Yongcheng.贾天雄,一个对生活得过且过,不求上进、天塌下来当被盖的单身汉。因为欠赌债接受电影公司老板雷正的条件,假扮爱心老师潜入SCP才艺培训中心当起武术兼演艺老师;实则天雄的真正任务,是暗中调查SYP校长连佳宣的哥哥连永成的下落。

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