My Teacher is a Thug 爱不迟疑

My Teacher is a Thug 爱不迟疑 - EP11

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Joseph proposes to Kai Xin , making Kelly jealous . She deliberately lets Kai Xin witness her and Joseph going into a hotel together . Unaware of the situation , Joseph decides to buy Kai Xin a sports car to surprise her . Thinking that the gift arose from his guilt , Kai Xin slaps Joseph and mentions about Joseph and Kelly going to the hotel . Joseph attempts to clarify but to no avail . Joseph向开心求婚,Kelly嫉妒,故意布局,让开心误会Joseph和她上酒店开房,开心大受打击。Joseph不知就里,突然送开心一辆跑车要给她惊喜。开心以为他是因为心虚而来赎罪,愤然给他一记耳光,抖出他和Kelly上酒店的事,Joseph尝试解释不果。

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