My Teacher is a Thug 爱不迟疑

My Teacher is a Thug 爱不迟疑 - EP13

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Guang Rong gets cheated in his investment. He is troubled as neighbours suspect he is in cahoots with Betty and pressure him to return the money. Sympathising him, Xiao Ming agrees to fork out his own savings to save Guang Rong. Conversely, Tian Xiong wants Guang Rong to appeal to Joseph for help, but Guang Rong refuses as he is worried that he will be looked down upon by his future in - laws. 光荣投资被骗,还被邻里认为是Betty的同谋,要他承担众人的债务,令他烦恼不已。小明同情,答应把仅有的储蓄拿出来救急。天雄则要光荣向Joseph求救,光荣担心会被未来亲家看不起,不肯答应。

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