National Flavours 民族味

National Flavours 民族味 - EP12

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 21 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Geographically the largest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesian food is very diverse with more than 300 ethnic groups. But iconic food like Tempeh, Tumpeng and Rendang bind Indonesian palates. Travel with Belinda Lee onto the volcanic soils in Indonesia to discover the secrets withhold by the masters of spices ! 第12集:印尼(李心钰) 印尼幅员辽阔,且最少有300多个民族,饮食文化非常多元。有几道知名料理如天贝、墩本和仁当更让所有印尼人引以为豪。一起随李心钰深入了解印尼人为什么都是善用香料的高手,印尼的民族味又为何与社区、宗教有着不可分割的关系!

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