National Flavours 民族味

National Flavours 民族味 - EP7

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Liberalised from military junta's rule, Burmese food is bursting into the culinary scene. What make the hundreds of Burmese salads so unique ? What is Nga Pi - the flavour of Burmese dishes ? Discover with Darren Lim, Myanmese pride in iconic dishes such as Burmese curries and Mohinga. 第7集:缅甸(林明伦) 军阀统治解放后的缅甸,所呈现的是一个什么样的饮食天地?缅甸的沙拉为何种类丰富、多达上百种?促成缅甸家乡风味的酱料是什么呢?跟随林明伦到解放后的缅甸,享受淳朴的鱼汤米粉和鱼酱料理,解放对缅甸的种种误解!

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